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      • 電話: 15952472471
      • 座機:
      • 無錫工廠地址: 無錫市國家集成電路中心A10幢輔三樓
      • 泰州工廠地址: 江蘇省泰州市靖江市聯泰路19號芯聚-鼎盛智谷產業園61號樓

      One-stop PCBA electronic products OEM ODM/OEM

      Baidian Technology to provide you with one-stop electronic products ODM/OEM services, we are located in Wuxi China.Provides testing and packaging services for finished electronic products from PCB design, including flexible board, rigid board, flexible and rigid board, PCB board manufacturing, SMT, DIP plug-in assembly. ourComplete industry certification qualifications, with UL, IPC, IATF certification. At presentWe have a PCB factory, SMT factory has 7 production lines, SMT dust-free workshop of 100,000 square meters, dust-free workshop of 3,000 square meters, DIP dust-free processing workshop of 800 square meters, and the total number of employees is more than 360.All electronic products have been 100% tested, SMT proof 23 hours fast delivery.Do you need us to make electronic products for you?Please contact our engineering staff>

      Free proofing application>
      23 hours proofing, patch no single! Online pricing

      Display of our PCB assembly products

      Our PCB assembly capacity

      • SMT processing capacity
      • Components and PCB specifications
      SMT capacity4 million solder joints per day
      SMT production line5 pieces
      Discharge rateResistance and volume ratio 0.3%
      IC class no throwing material
      Board typePOP/ plain plate /FPC/ rigid flex bonded plate/metal substrate

      Mounting component specificationsPastable minimum package03015 Chip/0.35 Pitch BGA
      Minimum device accuracy±0.04mm
      IC patch accuracy±0.03mm
      Attach PCB specificationsPCB size50*50mm - 774*710mm
      PCB thickness0.3-6.5mm

      PCB manufacturing quality inspection capability equipment

      Baidian Technology provides a wide range of quality testing services using state-of-the-art equipment from our facilities and partner ecosystem.

      Quality certification

      The quality management system of Baidian technology is to ensure to meet customer requirements of efficient printed circuit boards. Our partners manufacture according to the following standards, including:
      Due to the materials used and advanced technology, we always guarantee the highest quality printed circuit boards!

      Would you like us to provide you with PCB assembly services?

      Request for quotation

      PCB assembly FAQ

      • 1What will happen to the remaining components after the SMT product is completed?

        A:If you think these parts will be used again, we can keep your remaining parts in our inventory for use in the next order; Or we can ship spare parts with your completed order so that you can use them for troubleshooting and servicing.

      • 2What documents are needed for SMT processing?

        A: A bill of materials for the product should be providedBOM, PCB file, steel mesh file, bit number silk screen, component coordinate file.

      • 3How to ensure the quality of products?

        A:Our high quality standards are achieved in the following ways. All production processes are strictly in accordance with ISO IATF UL standard control, IQC incoming material detection: eliminate poor process caused by poor materials, and delay in delivery; SPI solder paste detection: detect the outflow from the front-end process to the next process in advance (inspection standard: 3D detection + data statistical analysis); Online AOI detection: check whether the products produced have errors, leakage, bad materials flow out of the next process; SMT first part testing: ensure that the components attached to the production model are fully in accordance with the customer's assembly drawing and bill of materials, to prevent defects from flowing into the next process (check each solder spot of the first part of the board by referring to BOM and Gerber data); Appearance inspection: Random inspection of all production processes to check whether they are in accordance with the operating instructions (effectiveness standard: process instructions of each product and instructions of each post); X-Ray welding detection: detect the welding spots of invisible components to avoid virtual welding short circuit flowing out of the next process;

        BGA device repair: X-Ray detection of poor welding BGA disassembly and welding under temperature controlled conditions, reduce the impact on the device and ensure the quality of repair welding; QA inspection: standardize finished product inspection to prevent unqualified products from being shipped; Anti-static storage and shipment: anti-static packaging and safety protection storage.

      • 4What are the customer's requirements for supplying materials?

        A:Please do not buy or provide oxidized devices, it is not good for welding weldability, incoming materials please prepare adequate amount of material loss, material loss quantity, please contact with the salesman to confirm; Please attach the requisition sheet for incoming materials. If there are many kinds of products, please pack them separately. In case of a batch of bulk material, the price is calculated separately.

      • 5Can SMT mount really achieve 23-hour delivery?

        A:We can deliver within 23 hours if the material is less than 50 pieces and complete the set, and SF package is delivered by mail.

      • 6How to deal with the problem of processing products? Who should bear such responsibility?

        A:If you find the wrong board after receiving the goods, or there is a production quality problem, please contact the business staff immediately, our company will not take or refund; Our company will not be responsible for the problems caused by the design. If there is a problem, we will try our best to remind the user.

      • 7Is the component procurement channel of Baidian technology formal?

        A:We have close20 people procurement supply chain team, according to your needs, with the most affordable price, for you to purchase all kinds of components, 100% original authentic, traceable source, minimize your labor costs.

      • 8Can Baidian technology do mass SMT mounting?

        A:Baidian Technology can certainly do mass SMT installation, you can first place a SMT proofing order, wait for you to receive our SMT proofing order, test no problem, then inform us to produce mass SMT installation. You can also send the PCB file to us for the basic inspection and confirmation of the project. Once confirmed, you can repeat this order and carry out batch production.

      Do you need a quotation for your PCB assembly?

      Leave us a message about your PCB Gerber production file or assembly BOM file! We will give you a quote today or tomorrow!

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